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Hey everybody:
so i had to write this down: but ive come to the conclusion, that in my life i've had the pleasure of meeting what could possibly be the best people in the world. but here i am, sitting around doing nothing with any of them.

i miss everyone that i havent seen in a while. lets all get together and walk n talk and share time. theres nothing i'd rather be doing than wasting time and creating stories with you again.

i love you guys, dont forget it


The Lovely Phlemobotomist

well its been a while. so i thought i'd start the catch up on cool stories process. so we'll do the most recent.


Last monday i attempted to go donate plasma and get some extra cash but after going through the whole prep process that took like two hours. it turned out i wasnt hydrated enough. so they sent me home. BUT! not without getting my finger pricked first by the lovliest of all phlemobotomists. and we talked in her little booth for like 10 minutes extra while she worked on my iron counts and stuff. i think i convinced her to get dreadlocks. so after we chatted a while, they sent me to do the physical part and i had to pee in a cup and all that jazz, and it turned out i wasnt hydrated enough so they sent me packing and the lovely phlemobotomist told me to come back on wednesday. so..i did hah.

and on wednesday i got to skip a few parts in the process but luckily not the finger pricking part, its gross but its my favorite part now. the lovely phlemobotomist took me over and we talked some more while she pricked my fingers and took my temperature and told the computer i weighed more than i did so i could get some extra cash and whatnot. so i go through the whole process and i made her listen to Sufjan Stevens and she made me listen to The Waifs (you should listen to both if you havent). then i went back into the lobby and waited for my physical. and she came out from behind the desk on her way and handed me a mambo fruit chewy snack and her number.

this weekend is gonna be fun.

but the plasma donating process is so strange. they take out your blood, and then take out the plasma in it, then put the blood back in you and you get a sorta metal taste in your mouth. and this back n forth process goes on for like 40ish minutes. then they put saline in you. and its cold! you can feel it running through your veins. its like your veins are jumping into a cold lake. over and over and over again.

i love it

smile from the streets you hold

so i may have kinda caused a car accident last night (friday) on my way to this epic concert at kilby court. the exumbrella records showcase * with the likes of The Buttery Muffins, Taught Me, Tolchok Trio, Red Bennies, and Will Sartain!

but yeah okay so the story, so it had just rained for a total of 5 minutes, so my longboard was wet right and my shoes grib was bad. so i stopped to cross the street by gateway mall and my board slipped out from under me. my thoughts were "oh shit thats alex's board. im so dead" but luckily haha. the girl stopped then started to go again, but as she started to accelerate this old man nails here from behind, but it wasnt hard and no damage was really done. so all was well. i got my board and apologized dearly for the mishap. then we all went about our business

BUT the show was epic. 4 generations of will sartain's family was there so we all shared in dancing and laughing and listening to goofy stories of him in his past haha. it was a good time. for all.
and then i met this girl bernadette from CA...if only ca wasnt so far haha.

but tonight shes coming to the show at kilby and i'll be there and so will all the heaths and my best friend kyle might come and its the best lineup...ever hhaha.
sorry im stoked so im writting about it.

but thats all

Kid Muse

Theres someone who came into my life..sorta recently who has been my angel of sound. she came to me by a random chance and then again in another random chance and so many more from then on. and getting to know her and watch her and hear her and talk to her. has not only shown me that we should follow our passions fully. but it has shown me what i am capable of doing.
she has unknowingly opened my eyes and my mind to things ive never thought of before. sounds ive never gone after. to learning new instruments. to 100% go after what i love.
and if anyof you know me you know i cannot live a day without music.
she has given me a new set of colors to paint with and maybe one day i'll be able to tell her.
but she is leaving for a long time to go and share her music with the rest of the world. which gets me so stoked for her, but it leaves me sad as well because im yet to get to know her very well. but hopefully in time when she returns we can make up for this lost time.
shes my angel of noise.

and on that note. isnt it strange what sound does to us. i have given so much of my life to making sounds with things. hitting on them, plucking things, twisting things, bending things. and for some reason i get no greater joy. i'm taking the semester off of schoool so i can purchase things to make better sounds and share these sounds with people all over the valley and beyond hopefully. so i can have money to put these sounds on a disk and share them. and maybe hopefully eventually we can share it with the world. but right now sharing it with you is perfect by me. im stoked people come out and listen to our sounds and like the sound we make. the sound i make alone is different than the sound i make with my band. this is also strange. its like with my band a different energy is amitted. its a beautiful thing.
*sigh* ive devoted my life to sound. its not a choice but a calling. its not a decision but more of an obligation to myself. to my spirit. to my body, my mind. my creativity. to my emotions. to love.

like we need air to breathe, i need to make music to live.
and i can't thank those of you who come and support this enough.
i love you guys so much.

i hope these sounds only get bigger and better and can envoke things from you, whether its to dance or to think , to sleep to make love. its what i must do. theres no two ways around it. sound am i. i do not exist without vibrations.
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I didnt really cut my hair

so i have two shows coming up this weekend

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and WASATCH SASQUATCH WATCH & MAQSOOD are playing as well. im stoked for all of them i booked this show so i hope it turns out alright. if have my deepest apologies. Elzard and I will be doing some acoustic goodness stuff. or who knows we are gonna jam tomorrow and see what happens. but this show is to help save the H@WURDSIT? music store in murray.

then there this show:
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It's electric and will rock the socks off your cocks...or feet. or wherever you misplaced them.
it will be fun we got some new songs worked out and a few old ones and yeah...just goodness. it'll be alot of fun. and elzard is singing a few songs so you don't want to miss that


Losing yourself

okay this isnt too much of a story but i wanted to jot down how i felt one night.

the other saturday, my old band SIKKEMA performed a whole load of new material for everyone. it had an intensity that we've never played with before. Up on the stage i could see people actually moving. and for us.. thats a feat. we've never had people dance to our music before. although its like strait punk funk junk. people usually sit or stand there while we give it our all. but this was different. Prior to the show we all sat around and talked and decided we were just going to fucking lose ourselves and thats exactly what happened.

lets backtrack though. earlier in the month i went to my friend Kid Madusa's concert. she was opening for a band named THE HELIO SEQUENCE. who blew me away. they gave so much passion to their songs and you could tell they lost themselves again in each song. I had some sort of outofbody expirience during there show and decided from then on. if i do not put every ounce of passion and agression and well..every emotion into my music. i shouldn't even pick up the guitar.

and this takes us back to the SIKKEMA show. and thats exactly what we did. We opened our set with a little country ditty on banjos and acoustic guitars and stuff and that was sweet cause it loosened everyone up for our intense stuff. but then as soon as everyone came in on the next song. all i remember was looking out in the crowd once or twice at my freind Juliet. and then being on the floor covered in sweat. and was a strange and beautiful thing. i remember the feelings though. We were onstage laughing and dancing around and throwing our bodies everywhich way.

it was by far the best show any of us have ever been apart of. so come to the next. we have special guests mwhahahaha!


Mac's arent ment to fly

My best friend Kyle and I were bored sitting in our 7th period Film Making class, which is held in the new MAC Computer lab at our school. Us being bored, kyle being really hyper and me really happy decided the best thing for us to do at this moment would be to have a chair race to the back of the room. We were sitting at the last row of computers so it wasnt too far. I got the "great" idea that we should push off to make it more intense. So we placed one foot up table and pushed off. As we sailed backwards in our little blue chairs, the table flew backwards as well. as did the two new expensive computers sitting at our table. CRAAAAASSSSHHHH!!! mac peices went everywhere!! our mouths dropped open in awe, the teacher ran in astonished and pissed. I couldn't help but laugh at the scene. The computer on kyle's side was fine, we just picked it up and turned it on to make sure it still worked. and luckily for us it did. My computer howeever, did not the get the same luck. It's back flew off and three or four peices needed some serious attention. After getting lectured slightly, Kyle and I ended up glueing back on the back with some almost crazy glue or something. We stayed after school like half an hour fixing this thing.
LUCKLIY it still worked. and was spring break now, so we did not have to go back to school to be known as "the kids who broke the computers"
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Radio Show..for reals this time ha

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for anyone not in Utah, you can get live streaming audio od the show from the website listed above. thanks for everyone who listens. HOpe you all enjoy,
its acoustic so it will be all NEW and our more folky/bluesy stuff. all new songs though for everyone who has seen us before.
much love
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